Hi, my name is Rivka Markel. 

Born and raised in Belgium, I ended up in the States when I fell in love with a Dentist from New York.

I didn't sign up for a career in Dentistry,  but when my husband asked me to help him with his office, I was happy to do so. I worked in health care management in Belgium, so what could be so different?

It became clear that there are a lot of misunderstandings out there about dental care.    

Everyone needs dental care, yet many people are in the dark about high fees, insurance company practices, and why some dentists are too busy while  others cannot fill their chairs.

It was frustrating for me to see how patients are misinformed about their dental benefits (dental insurance is a misnomer) and how the dental staff and the Doctors are usually seen as the problem. It is sad that patients allow an insurance company  to make their dental care decisions for them, instead of trusting their own Dentist.

I promised myself that I would find a way to do better. 

To make sure that patients get the care they deserve and dentists  get paid a fair fee 

to provide that care.

DentalMember was born.

My husband, Ken Markel and my son Arno Doggen joined the DentalMember team. 

Together we are working hard to make membership plans available to as many 

Dentists and patients as possible.

Today, many dentists do offer in house solutions for patients without insurance. I invite everyone to sign up on the app or website for free. Let's connect Dentists and patients in a simple and effective way. 

Hope you join us soon!