Empowering your dental office.

Our cloud-based software enables dentists to easily create and manage their own custom membership plan. The automated process decreases administrative costs and relieves the headache of manually tracking and charging patients. Reinforcing independency from insurance companies by cutting out the middle man, while attracting and retaining new patients. 

Who we are…

DentalMember is a family-held company that was founded out of our frustration towards dental insurance companies and how their actions influenced our patients’ behaviour towards us and their decisions towards their own dental health. We started an in-house membership plan in our own practices and it was such a huge success we decided to create a dental membership platform for every dentist to use.

“Dental memberships are the new and better way of dentistry. DentalMember will help you reduce administrative costs, create loyal patients, and reduce dependency on insurance companies. Our own practices became much more profitable, and we want to share our success.”

Rivka Markel
Founder & CEO, DentalMember

DentalMember is the only tool you need.

Manually tracking of membership patients can be straining and sometimes an administrative hassle. Let us help you manage your memberships.

Customizable plans

Our platform enables you to fully customize your own plans. From fees to included benefits. Single adult, double adult, pediatric and periodontial plans are available

Increased patient loyalty

People love to belong, and be treated as VIPs. As a member, they feel like part of your practice which results in more frequent visits and restores the patient/dentist relationship.

Increase uninsured patients

Many people without Dental insurance are looking for affordable dental treatment. Offering a membership plan increases the chance of them joining your practice. Make them your patient!

User friendly platform

Our cloud-based platform allows your staff to easily manage your members and membership information from their desktop, reducing administrative time. We also have an app available for mobile devices.

Predictable recurring revenue

Monthly payments from signed up members create a steady and predictable flow of income. Even if the patient has made no appointment that month. Payments are made securely and automated through the DentalMember platform.

Continued staff training

Introducing something new, or improving existing working methods, often require some training. Together with our team we make sure your front staff knows exactly how to manage your memberships and navigate through our platform.

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DentalMember in the media

The Neil Hayley Show

An expert in social media, branding, and entrepreneurship, Neil Haley offers coaching, teaching, and instruction to help his clients reach the success level of their dreams. Our CEO, Rivka Markel, went on his show to talk about Dental Memberships and how these memberships can help people across the country.

Preferred Radio

Hosts of Preferred Company are Joel Markel, president and founder of Preferred Home Health Care and Nursing Services and Marianne Levy. They were the ideal people to discuss the dental health benefits of membership plans.

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