Dental Memberships For Employers

DentalMember as an employee benefit

When dental insurance seems expensive, but you do want to give your employees dental benefits, then DentalMember is just the right thing for you. By using DentalMember, any business can incorporate dental benefits by a cost you decide. A dental membership works different than insurance, but includes all the preventive care your employees need for healthy oral care. Meanwhile, they also enjoy significant discounts on additional treatments.

Advantages to your business

  • Affordable, predictable and flexible dental benefits for your employees
  • A healthy and happy workforce
  • Unlike dental insurance, if your employee doesn't use these benefits, you don't pay
  • You can choose how much you want to spend per employee
  • Hassle-free, easy to implement and without waiting period
  • Increased employee loyalty when dental care is included in your benefit package

Why your employees will love this

The biggest problem with dental insurance is that people never feel fully satisfied with the dental care they get. Waiting periods, deductibles, annual maximums, a bulk-load of paperwork,... 

DentalMember eliminates all these frustrations. Instead, choose for affordable care with a predictable cost and let them choose their own dentist instead of a dentist "in network". Also, DentalMember doesn't limit your employee to general dentistry, specialties like ortodontics, cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, and other services are often included.

Choose DentalMember

Dental memberships are the future of dental benefits. It's an affordable solution for both the employer and employee to get excellent dental care that includes all preventive services and discounts additional treatments.

Contact us here if you have any more questions, or would like to start offering DentalMember to your employees.