For Practioners

Why choose DentalMember?

DentalMember enables you to easily offer and manage membership plans to your patients. New and existing patients can find your practice and subscribe to your plans in minutes. 

Here are some of the benefits for using DentalMember:

- An easy to use platform that insures an automated process which decreases administrative costs and relieves the headache of manually tracking and charging patients.

- Our system uses an Evergreen Model to secure a predictable recurring revenue.

- Create loyal patients and restore the patient/dentist relationship.

- Reduce dependency on insurance and decrease hassle of working with them.

How does it work?

You simply sign-up on the website or through the app. You fill in the information we need to make your account and you set up your plans. The plans are 100% customisable and you can set your own fees. The patients pays you directly and can immediately start enjoying the services you offer them.

How will patients find me?

Patients can find dentists by location and by name. DentalMember is an online platform, which means we mostly market trough other online platforms like Google or Facebook. This enables us to market directly to prospective patients who are looking for the services you offer. We also do some offline marketing, for example on TV and on public transportation.

How to sign up?

1. Sign-up on the Web or download the App, it's free. 

2. Fill in your practice information and the names of the Doctors working there. 

3. Set up your plans and the fee for your memberships

4. Submit and start spreading the news.

As soon as patients are signing up, you will receive a notification.

You get paid directly. The only thing you pay is the credit card fee and a 3% fee for using our platform.

Download the app

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