For Patients

Only half of the American public has dental insurance. This membership is designed for the uninsured 50%.  
As explained in 'for doctors', the problem with insurance is that it often doesn’t work for the benefit of either the patient or the doctor.

Many dental plans that you get through work are HMO or DMO plans. They are inexpensive for employers, and they pay very little to providers. The dentist gets paid a flat fee whether he sees you or not – so some dentists will actually try to avoid scheduling you. When you do get an appointment, the dentist will do as little as possible, as quickly as possible.

 You may have a PPO, which is generally a better option. With a PPO, a patient can choose to go in or out of network (increasingly, the out-of-network option is disappearing). A PPO plan will pay a percentage of the dentist’s fee or the fee that the insurance company thinks the doctor should charge. Dentists in the network agree to work within a fee schedule set up by the insurance company. In either case, patients pay a co-payment, deal with deductibles and face an annual maximum allowance. This allowance is usually between $1,000-2,000 and is almost never enough to cover the full fee if procedures are necessary. Faced with that annual cap, patients often complain to their dentists, which can strain the doctor / patient relationship. The bottom line: no matter what fee you or your employer pay for dental insurance, you’ll only get limited benefits. It’s almost never what you need it to be.  


How is the Membership Plan Different?     With the membership plan, the patient pays a monthly fee that goes straight to the doctor. The moment a patient joins, their dental practice will cut the fee for preventive dentistry in half (50 % discounts). Beyond that, the patient will receive discounts on every dental procedure. Dentists are free to set up their own membership structure. Fees and discounts will vary based on location and type of practice, but annual fees will usually be between $200-500. Membership cuts out the middleman. With the membership, you pay a dentist directly and receive excellent service in return. The dentist is paid fairly, you get the discounts you need, and you receive the dental care you deserve.    

How to sign up.

Download the app from the app store, it is free.

Choose the specialty you are looking for, choose your dental practice and choose your dental membership. You will save up to 50% for your preventive dental care.

Choose if you want to pay yearly or monthly. Usually the yearly fee gives you an even better deal. 

Insert your payment information and submit.

Make your appointment.

Your dentist is looking forward seeing you!