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Did you know? Finding your way in the Dental Insurance World....

Only about half of Americans  have dental insurance (benefits). DentalMember is designed for the uninsured 50%. As explained in the For Practitioners section, the problem with Dental insurance is that it often doesn’t  greatly benefit  either the patient or the doctor.  

Many available Dental plans  are through work. These may be  HMO or DMO plans. They are inexpensive and  pay very little to the Dentist. A flat fee is paid whether the Dentist sees you or not.  Some dentists might actually  avoid seeing  you. When you do get an appointment, the dentist will do as little as possible, as quickly as possible. 

Some Dental plans are a PPO, which is generally a better option. With a PPO, the first choice is to go in or out of network, although the out of network option is disappearing. The PPO plan  pays  the dentist a fee that the insurance company works out with the doctor.  Dentists in the network agree to work with that lower fee in exchange for being listed on the "panel".  Patients pay their deductibles and co-payments  and are faced with an annual maximum allowance. This allowance is almost never enough to cover the  fee if care is necessary. Faced with that annual cap, patients often complain to their dentists, which can strain the doctor / patient relationship. Bottom line: no matter what dollar amount you and your employer pay for dental insurance, you only get limited benefits. It’s almost never what you need it to be.  

What is Concierge Dentistry?

Chances are you’ve never heard of the term Concierge Dentistry. It’s becoming more common in medical practices and is gaining popularity in the dental world. So, what are Concierge services? It refers to private pay for procedures without the intervention of insurance. I know what you’re thinking. Why in the world would I pay full price for services when I can have dental insurance? Stay with me. There are many reasons why you might consider this option.

The days of a privately owned dental practice are dwindling. Corporate dentistry is becoming more and more mainstay. With these new corporate practices come changes in the way you and your dentist are accustomed to treating and being treated. When a practice is corporate owned, the control goes to the corporation. The dentist may no longer have a say in the way the office operates. Some dentists are fine with this while others are not comfortable with this type of business.

Some physicians and dentists are turning to Concierge services. There are many ways of operating this type of practice. In all scenarios, the patient is responsible for any reimbursement from Insurance or any other type of reimbursement program usually provided by their employer. Some concierge programs, like DentalMember, mandate the patient pay a flat rate per year, which provides them with preventative services (cleanings, exams, and x-rays) as well as a percentage off of restorative services.

Upon doing the math, it may be more cost effective for you to deny coverage from your employer and simply pay the flat rate to your dentist thus saving monthly premiums. This type of practice seems foreign, but it may be time to do some investigating. 


How is a Membership different?

With a DentalMember plan, all fees go directly to the doctor, with no insurance company middleman. The moment a patient joins, their dental practice cuts the fee for preventive dentistry approximately in half (50 % discounts). In addition, the patient receives discounts on every dental procedure. Dentists are free to set up their own membership structure. Fees and discounts may vary based on location and type of practice, but annual fees are usually  $200-$500. Membership cuts out the middleman. With membership you pay the dentist directly and receive excellent service in return. The dentist is paid fairly, you get the discounts you need, and you receive the dental care you deserve.     

What patients say about DentalMember

" When my dentist introduced me to DentalMember, it was as if all the barriers between me and my dentist came down. No more stressful waiting if the insurance covers a procedure and how much they they will pay. Everything is clear from the beginning, no more surprises and excellent fees. " -Rebecca K.

" I wasn't sure what to think at first. I always had my dental covered through work but when I changed my job those benefits ended, and I had to take care of it myself. When I discovered DentalMember I was surprised by how easy it was. I mostly go to the dentist for preventive care anyway so a 50% discount is great! " -Ben R.

How to sign up.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, it's free.

Choose the specialty you are looking for, choose your dental practice and choose your dental membership. 

You will save up to 50% for your preventive dental care.

Choose if you want to pay yearly or monthly. Usually the yearly fee gives you an even better deal. 

Insert your payment information and submit.

Make your appointment.

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