What is DentalMember

Our beliefs

We belief dental care should be available for everyone.

We belief dental care should be affordable for everyone.

Dentist should be paid a fair fee, not the insurance company.

What we offer

Our platform is designed to give an affordable dental solution for the individual or the entire family.

We give dentists the opportunity to present a dental membership to their existing and new patients; hassle free and without waiting period.

How we do it

We connect patients with their dentist through our membership platform to make sure they get the dental care they deserve, and support dental offices by getting them more patients and a fair (not insurance company inflated) fee for their services.

What is a Dental Membership Plan

Any Dental office can offer a membership to new or existing patients. Membership allows patients to purchase their preventative care in advance at a discounted price. Preventive care might include cleanings, exams, necessary x-rays, fluoride for the children and emergency exams as necessary. Membership also provides some reasonable discount on other needed or desired services.

Membership plans are simple and many people are already members in other areas, such as groceries, gym, car rentals, electronics, etc. Direct membership is clear, concise and affordable. Clarity is paramount.

Get It Done With DentalMember!

DentalMember is a cloud based platform where traditional business hours are obsolete. In an age of digitalization, having a great online platform automizing your administrative tasks is the way to go. Our platform provides dentist with all the tools they need to easily create and manage their own memberships. The mobile app allows patients to search for a provider and sign up for a membership right on the app.

Dental Memberships are revolutionizing the Dental industry. Now it’s your turn to join the movement!

DentalMember Features

For Dentists

Customizable membership plans

Our platform enables you to fully customize your own plans. From fees to included benefits. Single adult, double adult, pediatric and perio plans are available.

Attract new uninsured patients

Many people without Dental insurance are looking for affordable dental treatment. Make them your patient!

Predictable recurring revenue

Monthly payments from signed up members create a steady and predictable flow of income. Even if the patient has made no appointment that month.

Increase patients loyalty

People love to belong, and be treated as VIPs. As a member, they feel like part of your practice which results in more frequent visits.

User friendly platform

Our cloud-based platform allows your staff to easily manage your members and membership information from their desktop, reducing administrative time. We also have an app available for mobile devices.

Continued staff training

Introducing something new, or improving existing working methods, often require some training. Together with our team we make sure your front staff knows exactly how to manage your memberships and navigate through our platform.

For Patients

Affordable, comprehensive dental care

There is a misconception that dental care is expensive. The problem here is that a lot of this money goes to insurance companies. A direct membership with your provider allows your dentist to give you excellent dental care, at a better price.

Hassle-free and without waiting period

Dental memberships are very transparant and straightforward. You know what you sign up for, and can enjoy dental care immediately upon registration.

For the individual or the entire family

Depending on the provider’s specialty and services, most dental offices offer memberships for individuals, couples, and children.

Safe and secure

All personal data and communications will be protected. Our platform and paying system are both HIPAA compliant.

Accessible anytime and anywhere

The DentalMember platform is available and optimised on all devices. We offer a free App on both Android and IOS to make it even easier for you to monitor your account and look up your dentists’ information.

Dental coverage in 2 minutes

It has never been easier to get excellent dental care! The process for signing up takes about to minutes. You can find your dentist and sign up for his or her plan immediately from your own device.

"We already had an in-house membership plan in our practice, but using DentalMember made it so much easier for us to actually implement it."

- Jennifer G., Office Manager

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