An Affordable Dental Solution

We empower dental practices by offering them a platform that enables them to present their patients a Dental Membership: An affordable and comprehensive dental solution.

“With a Dental Membership you pay the dentist directly, cutting out the insurance companies who claim most of the money, and receive excellent service in return. The dentist is paid fairly, you get the discounts you need, and you receive the dental care you deserve.”

Rivka Markel
Founder & CEO, DentalMember

Customizable plans

There is a misconception that dental care is expensive. The problem here is that a lot of this money goes to insurance companies. A direct membership with your provider allows your dentist to give you excellent dental care, at a better price.

Increased patient loyalty

All personal data and communications will be protected. Our platform and paying system are both HIPAA compliant.

Increase uninsured patients

Dental memberships are very transparant and straightforward. You know what you sign up for, and can enjoy dental care immediately upon registration.

User friendly platform

The DentalMember platform is available and optimised on all devices. We offer a free App on both Android and IOS to make it even easier for you to monitor your account and look up your dentists’ information.

Predictable recurring revenue

Depending on the provider’s specialty and services, most dental offices offer memberships for individuals, couples, and children.

Continued staff training

It has never been easier to get excellent dental care! The process for signing up takes about to minutes. You can find your dentist and sign up for his or her plan immediately from your own device.

Personalized care

Just like in practiced dentistry, we want to bring personalized care to the world. As a still young and a growing company, chances are we don’t have a dentist in your area yet. Why not leave us your name and zip code so we can find one for you?

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